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Postcards for restaurant marketing and to get more customers

Postcards for Restaurant Marketing

I’ve been working with one of my restaurant coaching members on running his restaurant and using postcards for restaurant marketing as a direct mail campaign sending to get new customers in the door. I have always liked this form of direct marketing for restaurants, but we’ve had such great results that I just have to do a quick post on using postcards for restaurant promotions.

restaurant postcard marketing


Here are several tips for making postcards for restaurant marketing work for you:

  • make sure to be selective in who you send out your postcards to – make sure that they are in the area – local restaurant marketing is the only way to go in order to make this as cost-effective as possible
  • use postcards for restaurants to thank customers just for being a customer, announce special occasions, invite to a special ‘loyal customer’ night, introduce a new chef or anew menu or any other creative reason to stay in touch
  • don’t just send one postcard and be done with it. Make postcards for restaurants part of your overall restaurant marketing strategy. Mix it up with a combination of emails, texts, postcards, etc.
  • use the same restaurant marketing tips you would use for effective restaurant advertising
  • use oversize postcards with a funny photo to make sure that you stand out and your postcard doesn’t end in up in the bin
  • you MUST have a compelling offer. I prefer add ons to discounts. Offer a free cocktail for example.
  • you MUST have a call to action explicitly stated – ‘call now’, reserve your table today with the telephone number
  • have a testimonial on the card
  • have a way to track the campaign so you can determine the ROI
  • use restaurant downtimes to have your staff print out labels and stick them on the postcard for restaurant marketing
  • check with the post office for bulk rates
  • find a printer that you can rely on and use regularly to negotiate bulk prices and have processes that make this step easy on you. You can find a local printer, or a nation-wide printer.

You can make postcards for restaurant marketing yourself, or even better use one of our ready made, done for you postcard for restaurant templates you will find in the Win Win Restaurant Marketing System where it’s all already done for you. You just have to change the logo, print, label and send!

However you get it done, do it today. You’ll be happy you did when you see the new customers coming in the door!

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