I’ve pretty much been in business all my life.

From time spent working for my family’s business as a summer job, to being a business and marketing consultant for over 20 years, or helping to run my husband’s business, I’ve become a recognized expert in customers.

I know from personal experience that a lasting business is built on customer love. And my customer-centric mantra is timely In today’s world of over-information, over-promise and over-marketing.

Amy growing restaurant businesses

“I’ve read a lot of marketing things, and I appreciated the customer centric approach to this marketing course. It fits with my own business philosophy. I like the idea of spending my effort and time on marketing activities that will help the consumer and grow the business for the long term. The fact that there are a lot of practical ideas to implement makes this more than just another theoretical discussion on marketing. I was able to really get stuck in on applying the ideas and making a difference. This is a must do course for anyone who is trying to grow their business.”


“Besides helping me super charge my business, what I have learned I can now take anywhere with me. After slogging through starting up at the beginning, now I’m looking forward to setting up my second business!”


“This is a terrific practical guide. You will benefit from the way Amy has broken down the overwhelming subject of marketing into straightforward and easy-to-understand topics. Soon you’ll be enchanting your customers like never before.”

Guy Kawasaki

“Marketing is a conversation and Amy’s book will help you take it to a higher place.”

Tim Sanders

But marketing doesn’t have to be of the used car salesman variety.

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My goal is to help businesses both large and small achieve long-term growth by doing what’s best for the customer. I feel strongly that a successful customer-centric businesses is the backbone of a strong and happy entrepreneurial life, and helping business owners with the Win Win marketing system has become the focus of my professional life.

Taking what I have learned from large corporations, and marrying it with my own family small business background, I have developed an easy to implement, effective small business marketing course that will empower entrepreneurs by giving them actionable steps to make their customers love them, and grow their business in the meantime. My Win Win Marketing program is compelling, immediately applicable and pragmatic.


Introducing: The Win Win Marketing Philosophy

“I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.”
-Alan Greenspan

Welcome to the ‘Win Win’ vision of business and marketing. The Win Win philosophy is really quite simple, and a philosophy that will make you more successful and more fulfilled in your business than you ever imagined. It is based on the fact that when it comes right down to it, all business is really just an exchange of value; you give a product or service to a customer and he gives you money.

So, logically, the more value you give, the more money you will make and the more successful your business will be. Shifting your focus from how much value, or money, your customer gives you, to how much value you give him is crucial for any business.

Providing more value to your customers will eventually bring you your own rewards in increased revenue, referrals, new customers and more.

After over 20 years working in marketing, I have seen that the most successful businesses are those that never forget that they are in business because of customers.

Their reason for being truly is to delight customers with an exceptional product or service that will make life easier and more enjoyable; the customer “wins”. And when a business does this, it is successful; the business too “wins”.

The customer wins, the business wins; this is the Win Win philosophy.

‘Win Win’ is a philosophy that extends beyond your customers

 It affects your outlook and all the people that you touch through your business. If your staff is happy, then you are sure to sell more, if your partners are happy you are sure to get more referrals.

 When you stop to look, you will discover a myriad of ways that both you and others can benefit. In order to be truly successful and fulfilled, knowing that your business is genuinely giving value, you’ll need to develop a philosophy of Win Win in everything you do, whether it be with your customers, partners, staff or suppliers. If they win, you will too.

 Adopt this philosophy in everything you do, let it be your guiding principal and watch your customers fall in love while your business grows and you build the small business lifestyle that fits you.

restaurant owner

Focus on others winning first; in the end you will win too.

Start growing your restaurant TODAY

Amy Foxwell is a restaurant owner, a business consultant, a coach and author. For over 20 years she has worked throughout the world with both Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Disney, AOL, Vivendi and Channel 4, as well as small businesses and start-ups.

She is an author of several marketing guides and industry specific marketing and business systems such as the Win Win Small Business Marketing System and the Win Win Restaurant Marketing System.

“A refreshing ‘let’s get back to basics’ guide to marketing. Novices and seasoned marketers alike will benefit from these surprisingly simple and often overlooked marketing basics that can, and should, be put into place to generate solid business growth.”

David Eichenbaum - Author of ‘The Business Rules’ and CEO of Eichenbaum & Associates

“Finally a business presentation that says something and doesn’t bore the pants off you. Bravo!”

Maryna Blankenstein - Winfluence

“Amy - I have bought several books to send to friends and colleagues....your ideals are just about good living as well. Thanks.”

Belinda Mcclure

“I loved the course. It is practical as well as motivating.”


“Finally a business presentation that says something and doesn’t bore the pants off you. Bravo!”

Maryna Blankenstein - Winfluence

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