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Get More Restaurant Customers | Win Win Restaurant Marketing Systems

Get more restaurant customers.

Keep them coming back and spending more.

Hi, I’m Amy.

And I can help you grow your restaurant business.

I am from a small business family, and married to a restaurant owner, I love customers. I know if they are happy, the rest just flows. Through my best-selling books and courses, I help entrepreneurs, who are just starting, or who just have too much on their plates, woo their customers, breaking overwhelm down into actionable steps to create the successful, customer-friendly business, and the life, they imagine for themselves, one step at a time.

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How I can help you build a successful restaurant

1. If your goal is to get more customers and keep them coming back

My customers have generated business by implementing my ‘done for you’ restaurant marketing templates. To discover how I can help you to hit your goals:

2. If your goal is to build your restaurant business

Most of my customers were fans of my website long before they joined me. I write my articles to share my knowledge—and make sure my customers understand my methods and are the right ones. The articles contain an amazing number of useful tools and techniques. I write them as though I were writing advice to my own restaurant customers.

Take a peak and you’ll understand better what makes the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit so effective.

Get your FREE restaurant marketing resources, including:

The ‘5 Ways to Boost Your Restaurant NOW’ e-Guide

My easy-to-use Return on Investment Calculator

A Proven ‘Done for You’ Campaign for Special Occasions

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“We were so happy to have Amy contribute to our magazine. Her ideas and done-for-you templates are perfect for independent restaurants. She really understands what it means to own a small business, and her back-to-basics approach is insightful and refreshing. Amy knows her stuff, and really wants to help other restaurateurs succeed. That gets our stamp of approval for sure.”

Mara Miller, Editor of The Independent Restaurateur

“Having a whole year's worth of restaurant marketing already completed and ready to use has been invaluable to growing the restaurant. But not only that, it's been a weight off my mind knowing that it's all taken care of. Win Win Restaurant Marketing Systems is worth it just for the peace of mind.”

Jean Sebastien Gentil - Restaurateur

“Win Win Marketing is a must-have resource for any restaurant owner or manager. What I like are how simple, effective and affordable the ideas are. And the ‘ready made’ campaigns make a restaurant manager’s life that much easier. Amy Foxwell is a fellow restaurant owner and an excellent marketer. She understands the industry and she knows the secrets of how to grow a restaurant business. With Amy on his side, how could a restaurateur not succeed?”

Richard McClure, FPA – manager of Carrol’s Creek Restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland, former president of The Restaurant Association of Maryland, “Restauranteur of the Year”

“I must say I have spent the last 2 days going over the entire package and it is excellent. I am responsible for 2 new startup restaurants, the information and insight gain from your experience is proving to be tremendous. Thanks again. ”

James Jared

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